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Allen Koker, Student Council Advisor, Westfall local School District, Ohio said:

"I would recommend School Poll to any school thinking about using an online voting system. We are already recommending it to other schools in our county.

We've used School Poll for various elections. We had no delays in voting, even when we had 40 students on separate computers voting at once.

The instant results page is excellent and it means no more counting paper ballots. Also, the ability to upload images is very useful, we will use this soon so that students who may not know candidates by name will recognise them from their pictures.

Overall School Poll is practical, very secure and the students really like it. We also found technical support to be excellent, we usually get straight through to someone or if not they would call back within 10 minutes."

More endorsements
Comments from school heads:

  • Every school will want this School Poll service.
  • A fantastic service with brilliant support.
  • This is not a lot of money for what we are getting.
  • Student surveys are usually costly, hard work and not very effective. School Poll is the answer.
The answer to all forms of online school surveys, school elections, polls and much more.

  • Run secure online surveys and polls for the students, parents and teachers
  • Run online student elections with automatic vote counting
  • Let every student feel safer with a secure online Bully Beater poll
  • Invite students to vote on social issues as part of citizenship education
  • Produce a daily ranking of student issues, automatically
  • Show that every child matters by giving every child a vote
  • Engage students with interactive student Opinion Markets
  • Run snap classroom opinion polls
  • Run competition polls on any topic
  • Give all students a regular vote in the student council.

Easy to use and offered at heavily discounted affordable prices to all schools.

School Poll is approved by School Poll is a great fit with the OFSTED Self Evaluation Form (SEF).

Web-based, fully hosted

This means:

  • People can vote from school, home and anywhere online
  • You have immediate access to your online School Poll Manager
  • You have no software to install or maintain
  • No data backups to worry about
  • You have access to the latest version of the technology automatically at all times.

Template surveys, polls and setup wizard

Create new surveys, Opinion Markets and election polls in seconds. Choose from a list of template polls with various security and transparency setting or create your own templates. SchoolPoll includes ready-made SEF template surveys and anti-bullying surveys. The survey and poll templates do not restrict you in any way. While some templates provide convenient fully formed polls which can be launched in seconds you can edit the wording and tailor the settings of any poll at any time with the poll configuration menu.

Fully supported

We help you get started and we are there to answer any question any time.

High security voting

Run low security or high security polls. Low security polls, which anyone can vote in simply by starting at the correct web address, are often used at parent teacher meetings. High security means you know exactly who votes, only authorized people vote and there is no risk from repeat voting because each person has a unique voting account which is a sign-in name and password. Four options are available for creating and issuing the voting accounts.
  1. If your students have existing sign-in names used to access your website, then you can place a seamless auto sign-in link to your polls in your website. This means students can vote in School Poll with the same sign-in accounts already in use at the school. The School Poll voting accounts are created automatically the first time students visit a poll. It's a seamless process invisible to the voters. Students are matched up to the same School Poll voting account automatically each time they click a poll link in your website.
  2. If you have an email list for students or parents you can generate voting accounts for each person with a simple copy and paste of the email list. Then use School Poll to send students or parents an email with an auto sign-in link to your poll or poll menu. The email is created in your usual email composer. This method is particularly easy for the voters people just open their email, click the link and are immediately at the poll or poll menu signed in ready to vote.
  3. You can create a list of required sign-in names in a spread sheet and copy and paste the list into School Poll. Schools using this method often use student names for the sign-in names. Then invite students to sign-in directly at the poll or poll menu.
  4. You can also issue voting PINs and invite students to create their own sign-in name the first time they visit a poll.

Integrated bulk email manager

School Poll includes a fully functioning bulk email manager integrated into the survey and polling technology. You can use the email system to send people emails with automatic sign-in links to your polls. This means you can use high security polls yet people do not need to remember or even know their sign-in details – just click and vote.

Interactive Opinion Market polls engage students

Unleashed in full power School Poll works like a free floating Opinion Market – harvesting and ranking opinions live and continuously from the school community. Opinion Markets are interactive organic style polls which work without pre-structured questions or surveys. Very exciting for students.

All students admitted to an Opinion Market forum can submit opinions relevant to the poll topic and vote for their preferred opinions any time. All opinions float in a leaderboard and are ranked live by votes. Opinion Markets encourage participation, expression, creativity and tolerance. Opinion Markets are a special invention of, the company behind School Poll.

This screenshot illustrates an Opinion Market poll. In this case students from Great Yarmouth VA High are submitting and voting opinions on the new lunch menu. See more about Opinion Markets.

Online elections

Run student elections online with ease. You have no paper, no manual vote counting and you know exactly who voted. There is no risk from repeat voting. People can vote from anywhere. The result is immediate. More about online elections.

Transparency options

The votes are counted live but you can hide the vote counts from voters until you are ready to announce. Votes can be anonymous which means no one can see how each person votes. Alternately, you can use transparent voting which means you or everyone if you wish, can see how each person votes.

Discussion boards

A separate discussion or debating forum can also be opened automatically for each opinion or candidate as it is submitted. Alternately a single discussion board can be opened for each poll or question in a survey.

Forum moderation

All opinion and discussion board postings can be approved by your nominated poll moderators.

Reports and analysis

You can download tables with vote results for any of your polls any time. See example. You can also download the raw data from your vote harvests in a simple text file which can be easily imported into spreadsheets.

Vote filters

Your polls can include vote filters which show votes from tailored categories such as student, student grouping or parent.

Multi-user site licence

You can nominate people to be part of your support team. These people have access to your online poll manager webpage and appear in a support team list accessed from your poll manager webpage. You can add and remove people from this support team list with a click. You can also tailor the access level allowed for each support person.

Poll, survey menu

Each poll, survey or questionnaire can appear in a poll menu page linked to your school website. As new surveys or survey questions are opened they are immediately visible from your school poll menu without the need for you to add new links to your website. We can also create a special web address (URL) linked directly to your poll or survey menu. See example Poll Menu.

Integrated to your website

Add you school emblem or logo to your polls. You can even tailor the poll colour themes to match your school colours or website.

Subscription fee

The subscription entitles your school to continuous access for 12 months from the date of registration. There is no limit to the number of polls you can open. You get access the same day. We send a 14 day invoice. See our local currency fee calculator.

Try a vote

Try a vote in an example poll called The Fundamentals of a Civil Society. This is an example of one of our low security polls which means anyone can vote in it. Frequently schools will use our high security polls which means everyone has a unique voting account and repeat votes are tracked automatically.

Getting started

Subscribe online now. You will receive an email within a few hours giving you access to your online School Poll Manager. We send a 14 day invoice.

More Information

See Frequently Asked Questions. Contact School Poll.